Our doctors


Dr. Carla foolen

Dr. Carla Foolen was born and raised in the Netherlands.  She spent 4 years working at a remote hospital in Namibia before settling in Sundre in 1998.  She has worked with Greenwood Family Physicians ever since. In her spare time Dr. Foolen enjoys spending time with her husband and (adult) children and enjoying the outdoors.  She especially loves hiking, camping, skiing and kayaking.


Dr. mark wylie

Dr. Wylie was born and raised near the North West Territories but later moved to Alberta working in agriculture before joining the Canadian Armed Forces. Serving as a Tank Commander for several years he eventually pursued studies in medicine and has practiced in several communities in Alberta and has now lived and worked in Sundre since 2012.  In addition to his role as family and emergency physician he also teaches trauma at Foothills hospital and is an instructor for both the University of Calgary and Alberta.  His research interests include longevity, healthspan, and permaculture.



Dr. Bill Ward grew up in the U.K. and after completing Medical Training worked on the North-West coast of England for 23 years as a Family Doctor. In 2013 he moved, with his family, to become a Family Doctor at Greenwood Family Physicians in Sundre.  Dr. Ward has an interest in Dermatology with D.P.D. from Cardiff University in Wales. He, along with all the other doctors in the clinic, frequently has Medical Students or Residents working him.  Outside of work he enjoys hiking, camping or even just taking the dogs for a walk.


Dr. Jonathan somerville

Dr. Somerville grew up on a farm near Edmonton, Alberta. He completed Medical School at the University of Calgary, and then did a residency in Rural Family Medicine at the University of Alberta's Red Deer site, graduating in 2014.  Dr. Somerville has been practicing in Sundre since 2014 and enjoys the challenges and rewards that rural general practice offers. He frequently has medical students and residents working with him, and is actively involved in rural faculty development with the Cumming School of Medicine.  When not in the office or ER, he enjoys hiking, running, traveling, and a good meal. And of course, he can never get enough time in with his awesome family. 


Dr. chris chapman

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Dr. Chris Chapman moved to Alberta in 2011 for medical school at the University of Alberta, where he stayed for his family medicine residency. He spent 2 months in Sundre as a resident with Greenwood Family Physicians. He loved the welcoming town and medical community of Sundre and after a locum period decided to stay here permanently!

Dana Rich_edited_edited.jpg


Dr. Rich grew up in outside of Vancouver, BC. After completing a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, she attended medical school at the UBC, graduating in 2017. During her Family Medicine residency at the University of Alberta she was fortunate to spend two months training in Sundre, and fell in love with the town and the people. She has been working at Greenwood Family Physicians ever since, and finds the work both challenging and rewarding. When she’s not at work, she enjoys travelling, running, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 

Carol Rowntree_edited.jpg

Dr. Carol Rowntree

Dr Rowntree first came to Sundre as a University of Calgary medical student in 1984 to work with Dr Hal Irvine. She enjoyed the community so much that she returned after completing her Family Medicine residency at the University of Alberta in 1989.  Although she semi-retired from her practice 5 years ago she still very much enjoys filling in as a locum at Greenwood Family Physicians when one of the other doctors is away.  Carol and her husband Steve were both born and raised in the County of Mountain View and still love living in Sundre when they are not traveling and spending time in the mountains.

Angela Coleman.jpg


Dr. Angela Coleman is originally from Vancouver but moved to Alberta to work in Student Wellness at Mount Royal University.  From there, she attended University of Calgary medical school and completed her residency program in Family Medicine also with the University of Calgary.  After spending her rural rotation in Sundre, she fell in love with the town and its people.  She will be locuming in the Sundre hospital.  Her passion is preventative medicine and health promotion and she has a particular interest in women’s health.  When she is not practicing medicine, you will find her spending time with her husband and two young sons, exploring new recipes, or outside.

Allan Jone - CARMS.jpeg

Dr. ALLAN jone

Dr. Jone completed his medical training at the University of British Columbia. He then moved to Edmonton where he finished his residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. Currently he works in Vancouver as a Hospitalist and Family Physician and will often locum in Sundre. When he is not at work, Dr. Jone enjoys watching the English Premier League and playing soccer and volleyball. 


Dr. eugene landsbergen

It has always been my passion to involve people, individually in decision making in health care, while still serving them with  education, evidence, knowledge and insights; to further the idea of health care for all, opportunities for all.  In that light I have trained in the Netherlands, in several parts of Africa, in Israel and in Canada and the United States. In those jurisdictions I have been trained in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, ultrasonography and oncology. 

On the complementary side I took a lot of training in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and homeopathy and herbs, and I like to keep offering that knowledge to people who like to learn about those methods, with an evidence based look. At Greenwood Family Physicians we have always strived to create a team based medical home for our community and that is where I fit in and am proud to have worked with for the last 23 years.