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LOCUM doctors

Carol Rowntree_edited.jpg

Dr. Carol Rowntree

Dr Rowntree first came to Sundre as a University of Calgary medical student in 1984 to work with Dr Hal Irvine. She enjoyed the community so much that she returned after completing her Family Medicine residency at the University of Alberta in 1989.  Although she semi-retired from her practice 5 years ago she still very much enjoys filling in as a locum at Greenwood Family Physicians when one of the other doctors is away.  Carol and her husband Steve were both born and raised in the County of Mountain View and still love living in Sundre when they are not traveling and spending time in the mountains.

Robby and Elise.jpeg

Dr. LEE and Dr. WALSH

Dr Elise Walsh and Dr Roberta (Robby) Lee were both trained at the University of Calgary. Dr Walsh had the opportunity to complete part of her residency in Sundre and loved it so much she convinced Dr Lee they should both sign on as locum physicians after graduating. The rest is history! When they aren't working, they can be found planning their next adventure, renovating their Surfside trailer, and daydreaming about getting a dog.

Dana Rich_edited_edited.jpg


Dr. Rich grew up in outside of Vancouver, BC. After completing a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, she attended medical school at the UBC, graduating in 2017. During her Family Medicine residency at the University of Alberta she was fortunate to spend two months training in Sundre, and fell in love with the town and the people. She has been working at Greenwood Family Physicians ever since, and finds the work both challenging and rewarding. When she’s not at work, she enjoys travelling, running, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 

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